To meet the diverse needs of libraries and learning spaces, we have hand-picked a selection of ergonomic, comfortable and stackable chairs. Some of our chairs have alternative base options.

To get you started, here's a few feature items from our new range of task chairs.

Like what you see? To view our entire range of tasking chairs, download our new catalogue here.

Fabrics and Finishes

For ease of selection, we’ve reduced the amount of featured fabrics in our catalogue. All featured fabrics and vinyls are rated heavy commercial grade and feature a minimum 2 year warranty.

Sample swatches of each colourway sample printed in our catalogue and website are now larger so you can make confident choices.

We've included some of our featured fabrics below. See all of our stunning patterend and plain fabric plus vinyls here.

Mood Boards

To inspire you with ideas on mixing, matching and selecting colours plus textures, we have created a number of Mood Boards. If these do not meet your needs, our staff have access to an extensive range of alternative coverings.

Finish Options

To make it easier for you to select fabrics and vinyls, we've included larger fabric impressions in our catalogue.


Chair & Table Guide

Seat Height

Table Height

Seat Height

Table Height

Seat Height

Table Height

Seat Height

Table Height

JUNIOR (4-8 year olds)
Recommended Chair height for a 580mm table is 340-350mm

PRIMARY (8-11 year olds)
Recommended Chair height for a 680mm table is 380mm

SECONDARY (11-16 year olds)
Recommended Chair height for a 720mm table is 420-445mm

SENIOR HIGH BENCH (17+ year olds)
Recommended stool height for a 1000mm high bench is 740mm

Consult with Us

We hope you find it easy to make a confident choice from our revitalised range. We are aware that some requirements may not be serviced from a catalogue or website, so we invite you to contact us if you require further customisation. We’ll do our utmost to meet your needs.

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