Tasking, study, collaboration, leisure. Our table collection offers portable and static solutions.
All lines are designed to complement our seating range. All Raeco tables are Australian made and feature a minimum 5 year warranty.

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Finish Options

Select table top colours from popular Laminex colours. Create visual interest by contrasting laminate edging or match edging with table top colour. All frames are available in powder coat finishes and some lines the option of premium chrome finish.

For ease of selection, we’ve categorised laminate colours into timber look, neutral and solid colour options.

Laminex Swatches

Steel swatches

Table Configurations

Chair & Table Guide

Seat Height

Table Height

Seat Height

Table Height

Seat Height

Table Height

Seat Height

Table Height

JUNIOR (4-8 year olds)
Recommended Chair height for a 580mm table is 340-350mm

PRIMARY (8-11 year olds)
Recommended Chair height for a 680mm table is 380mm

SECONDARY (11-16 year olds)
Recommended Chair height for a 720mm table is 420-445mm

SENIOR HIGH BENCH (17+ year olds)
Recommended stool height for a 1000mm high bench is 740mm

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We hope you find it easy to make a confident choice from our revitalised range. We are aware that some requirements may not be serviced from a catalogue or website, so we invite you to contact use if you require further customisation. We’ll do our utmost to meet your needs.

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