Raeco Project Caveats

Thank you for choosing Raeco to complete your project. To help facilitate a successful installation, can you please review these important details.

  1. Images provided in quotations are indicative. Please note colours, fabrics and finishes may vary. We recommend confirming these prior to placing your order.

  2. Prices have been calculated based on our standard colours and finishes (unless specified otherwise). If you require additional or varied works, outside those included in this proposal, including (but not limited to) colour, quantity or finishes, we will provide a written update (or variance) before commencing.

  3. If the date of your project installation is delayed indefinitely, or beyond 30 days of scheduled date, (and the cause of the delay is not as a result of Raeco), Raeco will issue an invoice for delivery and completion in line with the original dates. These will be calculated with our “percentages of project pricing” outlined in point 5 of this caveat document.

  4. If storage of items is required due to project delays, as a result of customer or third party (ie: not Raeco), storage fees will be submitted as a variation.

  5. For Australian projects, a 60% deposit is required on placement of order and 20% on delivery. The final 20% is due 30 days after completion. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details. For all international projects, a 100% deposit is required on placement of order.

  6. Once deposit is received by Raeco, manufacture will commence.

  7. Lead times are calculated from the date an official order is placed with Raeco (approx. 6-12 weeks). Please note lead times are influenced by the availability of stock at the time of order placement, location of customer and other external events. We will confirm lead times with you.

  8. Some custom design / specialty furniture items may involve a longer lead time. We will confirm any extended lead times with you at the time your order is placed with us.

  9. This proposal is based on delivery and installation with clear access to site, on ground level (or to a floor level indicated by customer). Access must accommodate standard pallet sizes.

  10. Any works (including installation) undertaken outside the scope of your proposal are considered variation(s). If additional costs are incurred as a result of variations, these will be invoiced before commencement.

  11. Non-install: If Raeco are not completing the installation, and local services are employed to unpack goods, Raeco are unable to accept any liability for damages incurred during installation.

  12. The quotation is based on supply of all items. If items are added or removed from the proposal before supply commences, a revision (or variance) may be raised to reflect new items and quantities purchased. Variances may also affect the costs of install, placements and packaging removal.

  13. Please review all our terms and conditions at Raeco.com.au