First Aid Kit For Books

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$218.90 AUD


A collection of essential book repair items supplied in a convenient basket

The Kit contains:

  • Acid free spine tape 36 mm - repairs 15 mm spines

  • Acid free spine tape 48mm - repairs 25 mm spines

  • Filament tape 24 mm - repairs hinges

  • Magic tape 19 mm - for page repair

  • Binders tape single stitched for reinstating separated covers on spines up to 19 mm

  • Binders tape double stitched for reinstating separated covers on spines over 12 mm

  • Brush for applying glue

  • Bookaide 500 ml - repairs loose pages and covers

  • Bone folder for applying glue into the spine of the book

  • Knife for removing old glue

  • Kapco oil flow for removing adhesive, wax, crayon, grease and oil

  • Cutting mat 450 x 300 mm for precision cutting of book covering

  • Durable scissors 180 mm - premium quality, for LH or RH hand use

  • Basket for storage