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Love your books? Cover then, then do this....

27 January 2021 | Australia

Written by - Marketing

Paperback books are flexible, easily transportable and a great addition to any library’s stock. But as with everything, they can become damaged over time, with lost pages, torn covers and cracked spines. So in order to keep your paperbacks as well kept and maintained as possible, there are certain preventative measures you can take to protect them.

Using book coverings

Book coverings are designed to protect books and extend their shelf life. Application is quick and easy, and they can keep the books in excellent condition for a long time. For paperback books, there are two different types of book coverings we recommend using.

Adhesive book coverings are ideal for paperback titles that are annually updated or popular because they are reusable. You can easily remove them from old coverings and reuse them on the latest editions. As such, they’re an economical and environmentally friendly option! 

Alternatively, rigid book covers add stiffness to the covers, giving them some hardbound qualities that make it easier for them to stand on bookshelves unsupported, as well as some added strength and durability to prevent them from the usual wear and tear. These flexible covers preserve the flexible quality of paperbacks.

Keep it clean

Maintaining proper hygiene is important not just for your own health, but also for the state of your books. Being clean when handling books can go a long way in preserving them in the long term. Washing your hands before handling them is a great idea to prevent built up moisture from dampening the pages. Similarly, it’s also best to avoid eating while reading as you can stain the pages.

Mark it

Paperbacks aren’t as durable as hardbound books, meaning they require a bit more care in handling. Leaving them open when you’re not using them can damage their spine, and dog-earring the pages will leave marks and weaken the state of the books. So instead, why not use a bookmark?

Storing them this way!

Having your paperbacks properly stored in a book shelf helps to preserve them. Books are best maintained when they’re stored upright or horizontally on the shelf.

Protect your loved ones!

Raeco is a trusted supplier of school and library furniture, and we also offer a range of supplies for a better library experience. We have both adhesive and non-adhesive book covering options that provide your books complete protection. Your books will be enjoyed by more avid readers for longer.

Call us on 1300 727 231 or submit an enquiry here today for more information about Raeco products.

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