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The emerging importance of Australian made....

12 January 2021 | Australia

Written by - Marketing

Book shelves free up lots of valuable floor space. The right shelving will help keep your space looking better longer – with less headaches. Buying Aussie made shelving does more than helping your community.. here’s a few tips to help you decide on Australian or imported shelving. 

Safety assurance

Australian made shelves are often stronger, safer and more secure. Compare your shelves UDL rating [no, not the drink, the load distribution rating. It should be 55kg or higher – this means, it can hold the books, and the weight of a small child that will inevitable climb on it. Lower UDL ratings means the shelving could collapse.

How long is a long life?

Australian-made products come with warranty guarantees. Under the Australian Consumer Law, any product or service you buy comes with an automatic guarantee that it will work and function as expected. Imported products are also subject to the same guarantees, but you may find they are harder to enforce if the product is coming from parts of the world not subject to the same rules.

Helping local library events and innovation

When you buy local, you are generating income here, supporting local business and generating tax revenue that goes back into Aussie pockets, so that's a win-win in these challenging economic times. Local companies also spend a lot of money supporting local library associations. So it’s a win-win for all when your purchase locally.

Enjoy Aussie-made shelving systems from Raeco!

Raeco has a number of Australian-made shelving systems – including steel, laminate and curved designs!

As an Australian company, we guarantee that our shelving products are robust and durable, made to the highest quality. We are also accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia for environmental sustainability and love giving back to all the wonderful library associations around the country!

Raeco is also a strong supporter of many library associations around Australia!

All Raeco shelving is manufactured to exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards for shelving (AS2273–1979), and is covered by a lifetime structural warranty.


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