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16 November 2020 | Australia

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We love books just as much as you do. It makes us sad to see collections that have torn or creased, dog-earred covers. Applying quality, library specific book covering protects your precious collection from many elements and help increase your circulation.  

Have you considered these advantages of protecting your books?

Enhance your display

Book covers help retain your books’ new look and feel. The covering protects the books from damage, tears and folding. Also ideal for face out display – your cover will pop – attracting visitors and increasing circulation for longer

Reduce your expenses

Covering a book costs very, very little. Your books last longer. Which means, you don’t have to replace them as often. Think of the savings!

Reduce wear and tear

Books aren’t meant to sit on shelves forever. Regardless of the way books are handled, wearing and tearing is natural and inevitable. Book covers are a solution that can combat this, protecting the books by keeping the edges intact and also securing the binding, so they are ore resistant to damage or falling apart.  doesn’t fall apart.

Protects from moisture and dirt

When books are shared, they are exposed to many hands, increasing the risk of a book’s covers and pages being exposed to moisture, grease, oil and dirt. Covering products protect books from such degradation, are easy to wipe clean and maintain its “As new” appearance


Give your books maximum protection with Raeco book covering solutions!

Raeco is a trusted supplier of school and library furniture, and we also offer a range of supplies for a better library experience. We have both adhesive and non-adhesive book covering options that provide your books complete protection. Your books will be enjoyed by more avid readers for longer. 

Call us on 1300 727 231 or submit an enquiry here today for more information about Raeco products.

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