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23 December 2020 | Australia

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On the outside, a library’s main appeal to visitors may seem to be the resources it has available. However, its layout and design are equally vital components in attracting and retaining visitors. With careful planning, a library can achieve a welcoming ambiance that encourages people to stay and read.

Most people view Library shelving as simply a “storage” component for collections. Not any more. They do so much more heavy lifting. There’s many hidden elements to shelving that you can implement to help increase your circulation. However, for a sure fire, fast boost to your circulation, don’t look past our first tip below!

Flip it

By simply adding face out display shelves, browsing is more easily facilitated, as visitors are more attracted to a book cover than a spine!  In fact, by incorporating face out display shelves, you can increase circulation by around 7%. For spine out display, steel bookends help keep your collection neat. A latest innovation is acrylic book ends. They also keep your collection neat, and turn one book per shelf into “face out” display. 

Move with the times

The days of long, tall, static shelving with spine out display are long gone. Today’s Library shelving should be mobile so your valuable space can be used for a range of activities and your entire design can be easily re-configured to create new zones or to re-juvinate your layout! Our ideal height is around 1500mmH – this improves line of sight across your library, so visitors can easily see where they want to go. This benefit is enhanced with clear signage on your shelving bays.   

Click and you’re done

Our Linea shelving units incorporate a clever “click and lock” system so it’s easy to reconfigured your displays to suite any style, you won’t have to worry about replacing entire displays if you plan to renovate down the line. You can also incorporate sign holders, bay end panels and various finishes to further increase merchandising options.


Incorporate Library furniture designed for libraries

Improve the circulation in your library with Raeco Australian made shelving and library booths, seating and tables!

Raeco is a trusted supplier of school and library shelving plus library service pods and library lounge seats.

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